Rene Magritte

Published on 24 May 2021 at 18:16

Synonymous with mysticism, genius, a blend of illusion and reality


Born in Lessines (Belgium) in 1898, he spent his childhood in constant relocations due to his parent's financial difficulties. Art critics attribute the absence of the face in his paintings to the fact that he witnessed his mother's suicide, which drowned in the river.


"I can't think of any circumstances that could have a decisive influence on my character and art. I don't believe in determinism. "


For years, he has been involved in commercial art, advertising and book cover design. After the failure of his first solo exhibition in Brussels, he moved to Paris where he joined a group of surrealists. In the thirties, his international recognition began, in fact, Magritte's paintings were exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in London, New York and Paris.


At the beginning of the Second World War, he reached a crisis, not only because of the occupation of Belgium and the bad financial situation, but also because of his personal dissatisfaction with his own paintings. Feeling isolated and rejected, he decides to show the better side of life in his works, he starts painting birds from leaves.


After the end of the war, his problems with money continued, so in order to support himself, he falsified paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso and Cezanne, and even for some time he engaged in counterfeiting banknotes. Inspired by Renoir's paintings, he becomes fascinated by warm and bright colors, but at the urging of his painting dealer, he returns to his previous motives, which were accepted by the audience.


His work is characterized by the theme of overlapping objects and overlapping scenes, leaving the observer to reconstruct the hidden parts himself. To achieve mystery, he also used reflections in the mirror. Repetition was an important strategy of Magritte. It is possible that he accepted this approach from Freud's psychoanalysis, according to which repetition is a sign of trauma.


Today, the prices of his paintings range up to several million dollars, actually one of his paintings was sold for 26 million dollars in New York.